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High Performance, All-Aluminum Radiator
for 68-69 Ford Mustang
Small Block -- Manual Trans.
PWR All-Aluminum, High Performance radiators have been extensively test-fit to insure easy installation without mounting modifications. Made from aircraft quality aluminum, and manufactured 100% in-house. Featuring a 2-row oven brazed (no epoxy) core, this radiator provides 20% to 25% more cooling capacity than a standard radiator. PWR makes their radiator tanks for this application from the original Ford tooling dies, for proper fit and authentic styling. Radiator tanks are polished aluminum and does not have a drain in the bottom tank.

Made By: PWR
Warranty: 1 Year Limited

Price: $  $375.00

Note: This radiator has a 16" X 24 1/2" core and is a saddle mount not a flange mount.

Note: Cars equipped with Automatic Transmissions will need to purchase an external transmission oil cooler as one is not included with this radiator.