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High Performance, All-Aluminum Radiator
for 89-94 Nissan 240SX w/CA18DE & CA18DET (S13 configuration)
4 Cyl. 1.8L M/T (JDM CA18DE & CA18DET)
These are JDM radiators for the CA18DE & CA18DET in the S13 and will fit in the U.S version of the 89-94 240SX and allow installation of the 88-90 JDM CA18DE & CA18DET (S13) Silvia motor in the U.S version body. These radiators list for 88,000 Yen ($ 691.28 USD ) in Japan. Made from aircraft quality aluminum, with fully polished tanks. Featuring a 53mm (2.1") thick NOCOLOK brazed (no epoxy) core, this radiator provides 20% to 30% more cooling capacity than a standard radiator. Easy installation without mounting modifications.

Made By: Koyo
Warranty: Warranty Policy

Price: $  $200.00

Note If you do not have the OE S13 fan shroud and/or wish to convert to electric fans, we recommend using a low profile fan. One 14" (1769 CFM) fan or two 11" (1025 CFM) fans will fit this application, we recommend two 11" fans for a combined air flow of 2050 CFM.

Note: Cars equipped with Automatic Transmissions will need to purchase an external transmission oil cooler as one is not included with this radiator.