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Fluidyne 20mm Multiflow Transmission Oil Coolers

Fluidyne has developed a unique patented multiflow oil cooler that outperforms the competition. Extruded tube design and a new fabrication technology eliminates "tube to header" joints for higher efficiency and pressure ratings without adding to overall size. All-Aluminum oven brazing offers strength and durability with burst pressures rated up to 1500 psi.

Oil Caoacity (qts.) Fittings Quantity Price  
6 Pass Transmission Cooler 14" X 6.5" X 1" .25 11/32" Push-on $43.00
9 Pass Transmission Cooler 18" X 8.75" X 1" .45 11/32" Push-on $51.00




OEM Shebly Transmission Cooler

Fluidyne has been a leading supplier of technologically advanced cooling systems for racing applications dating back to its early OEM involvement with the Shelby Cobra. Fluidyne is now making available to the High Performance market the original Shelby Transmission Oil Cooler for Old and New Shelby Cobras. The tube-fin design with internal tubulator maximizes cooling without disrupting airflow to the radiator. Constructed to the original design, these oil coolers fit up to the original mounting configuration.

Oil Caoacity (qts.) Fittings Quantity Price  
OEM Shelby Transmission Cooler 15" X 4.5" X 3" .25 1/2" FTP $295.00